About Orient

Who We Are

Adnan Corporation is a consumer goods company who over the past decade has evolved as a brand by completely revolutionizing the lifestyles of thousands of people across the country. Being one of the fastest growing enterprises, we have emerged as a symbol of innovation in Pakistan.

What We Do

Working tirelessly towards bringing multiple product lines in Pakistan and introducing them with professionally managed marketing activities, we have secured a reputable position in the country’s manufacturing & services sector. By maintaining the brand’s true innovative essence in terms of technology, research, & development, we address pain points of consumers by working on ideas and concepts that have the aptitude of bringing a positive change. Understanding the dynamics of the digital space, Adnan Corporation strives to achieve success in this ecosystem by delivering innovation along with service excellence.

Our Vision

“We inspire our world to experience new possibilities, through innovation and service excellence, for a healthier and safer future.”

Our Mission

“We are committed to offer a wide range of reliable products and services to attain market leadership. We are determined to maximize value for all stakeholders through constant innovation, high-performance culture, and the ultimate consumer experience.”

Our Leadership

  • Mian Ahmed Fazal (Executive Director, OGC)
  • Sohail Amjad (Director ADC)
  • Nazi Sohail (Executive Director ADC)
  • M.Haseeb Sohail (Director Operations, ADC
  • M.Moeez Sohail (Director Sales & Marketing)