Why Should You Buy Online Office Double Batten In Pakistan?

Long gone are the days when the flickering fluorescent tube lights were the only lighting fixtures installed in offices and homes. Not only did they produce heat while brightening up the interiors, but their fusing out constantly also took a toll on the pocket. Yes, at first, it seems like they are the cheapest lighting fixtures out there. However, when you take into account the energy they consume, replacement cost, and heat production – they are a big NO. Luckily, we have a smarter choice now, which is to Buy Online Office Double Batten in Pakistan from Orient Lighting to light up office interiors.

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Whether you wanted surface-mounted lighting or the ones that have a direction, double batten tube lights meet all the requirements. With their many benefits, the lighting fixtures are being used widely to light up industrial and office spaces. Before you switch to them, let us tell you what benefits they actually provide.

1. Longer Life

Firstly, the double battens we have at Orient Lighting are designed using LED technology, which is more durable than fluorescent and incandescent lights. In the future of Best Commercial Lighting in Pakistan, LEDs are surely getting all the praises. They last for a long time, consume less energy, and work more efficiently as compared to the flickering old tube lights. With proper care, they can stay lit for up to 8 years without the brightness level dimming. So, when you are thinking of which lighting fixtures to choose for brightening your office space, get batten tube lights.

2. Lighting Fitting

Now, talking about the fitting of LED battens, they are safer than their counterparts – fluorescent tube lights. Unlike the usual tube lights with chemicals in them that are toxic, batten lights are completely chemical-free and not hazardous to the environment. Thus, making Buy Online Office Double Batten in Pakistan the best option. Besides being environmentally friendly, they are also easily disposable and do not contribute to toxic waste.

3. Practical Design

LED battens that we have at Orient Lighting are the basic versions of fluorescent tube lights upgraded practically to perfection. Because of their high quality, double rows of tubes that light up, ease of installation, and affordable price, LED battens are the preferred choice across Pakistan. Moreover, they are light weighted, practical, minimalistic, and design in a slim shape that complements modern interiors. And the best part – they cost much less than the fluorescent tube lights in the longer run.

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LED battens are the modern-day and more advanced alternative to the fluorescent tube lights that keep on flickering all day. We all know how annoying they get often because of the flickering noise – while fusing out every second day is another problem that cannot be ignored. So why not end them once and for all to provide the employees in the office a well-lit and peaceful environment, that too at minimal consumption of energy and a cut off on electricity bills? Visit www.orientlighting.com.pk and Buy Best Commercial Lighting Online. From battens to downlights and outdoor lighting – we have it all at Orient Lighting.

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