Why Do You Need To Buy Online 2 Feet 20 Watt Office Double Batten In Pakistan?

Traditional fluorescent tube lights have always been around in commercial and residential interiors. For what seems like AGES, these lighting solutions were adopted widely, even though they kept flickering, took forever to brighten up, and fused away too often. However, just because they have been around for a long time does not mean that they are the best lighting solution out there. A far better, durable, and efficient alternative is to Buy Online 2 feet 20 Watt Office Double Batten by Orient Lighting. Are you not sure about switching from conventional tube lights to battens? Keep reading this blog as we have covered all the benefits of installing them in interiors right here! 

Buy Online 2 feet 20 Watt Office Double Batten

1. Energy Consumption

One of the biggest concerns of every person running a house, shop, or commercial area is electricity consumption. It is an important factor to consider while deciding which lighting fixtures one should install in interiors. Many people emphasize a lot on installing energy-efficient refrigerators, ACs and heaters. However, unfortunately, they fail to recognise the importance of saving energy. 

If we crunch some numbers, 2 Feet 10 Watt T5 Single Batten Square for Home Use by Orient Lighting can save you up to 80% energy. Hence, play smart by replacing conventional tube lights with battens and save on electricity bills. 

2. Heat Production

Conventional tube lights do not have a good heat sink and generate thrice that of an LED batten. Because of excess heat production, they lose their brightness over time and even fuse shortly after installation. So, apart from consuming a lot of energy, the conventional tube lights will also increase the cost that goes into keeping interiors cool. 

On the other hand, LED battens convert all the energy consumed into light rather than brightness. So why bear the heat of the flickering old tube lights? Buy Online 2 Feet 20 Watt Office Double Batten and make your interiors shine bright without warming the environment. 

3. Lighting Lifespan 

The incandescent tube lights we have in interiors stay lightened for up to 6,000-8,000 hours only. Whereas comparatively, LED battens by Orient Lighting have a lifespan of more than 20,000 hours. Crunching on the numbers, when installed, an LED batten can easily stay lit for a combined lifetime of at least four or five conventional tube lights. Hence, make maintaining and replacing tube lights a thing of the past by switching to LED battens. 

4. Lumen Efficacy 

By now, it is clear that LED battens have many advantages over conventional tube lights. The lumen efficacy is yet another important factor where LED battens by Orient Lighting win over. 

It is a measure of the number of lumens a lighting fixture produces per Watt. In simpler terms, the lumen measures how much light is produced compared to power consumption. On comparing, a 40 Watt conventional tube light produced 1900 lumens, and an 18W LED batten produced 1800 lumens. The conclusion? LED battens consume half the energy a tube light consumes. Hence, to Buy Online 2 Feet 20 Watt Office Double Batten is in every way the best decision.

2 Feet 10 Watt T5 Single Batten Square for Commercial Area 

Shop LED Battens NOW! 

Replacing the tube lights in your interiors with LED battens can help reduce your energy consumption and reduce the electricity bill. They are the perfect choice for a lighting fixture that delivers high brightness and looks aesthetically well-designed too. Therefore, whether you buy 2 Feet 10 Watt T5 Single Batten Square for Commercial Area or home interiors, THE BEST illumination is guaranteed. We have a variety of LED battens in different shapes, colour temperatures, and wattage at Orient Lighting. Visit www.orientlighting.com.pk and shop your choice of battens NOW!

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