Why Choose Residential Batten Lighting In Pakistan?

Designed elegantly, Residential Batten Lighting in Pakistan is a great option for lighting up residential spaces. Their practical structure and sleek finish make sure that they complement the aesthetics inside homes – whether in the kitchen, lounge, or other spaces.

Batten lights that we have at Orient Lighting are an energy-efficient alternative to the flickering conventional fluorescent tube lights. They need little to no maintenance, emit no heat while they are switched on, and have a longer life cycle.

Due to the use of Aluminum, the battens are enclosed in a covering, decreasing the possibility of wear and tear with daily use. Moreover, compared to the fluorescent bulbs, they save upto 80% of energy, and with a great heat sink, they do not take time to light up.  BUT, before you install them in your home, let us take you through the benefits of switching to battens.

Best Residential Batten Light in Pakistan

Installing LED Battens In Your Home – The Benefits

LED battens are not only easy to install and stay lit for a long time, but they also provide many more benefits – compared to incandescent lighting fixtures. The benefits include:

·  Power Saving

On installing the Best Residential Batten Light in Pakistan, expect to pay lesser electric bills because they save up to 80% of energy. Every unit of energy they consume is converted into brightness rather than heat. Hence, considering that lighting fixtures in the home are used 24/7, installing LED battens will save you A LOT on electricity bills in the long run.

·   Durability

The batten lights in themselves are not exposed. It is designed in an enclosed case, ensuring that they remain undamaged longer than the conventional tube lights. Moreover, because they are durable and do not fuse or break often, you will not have to replace them every other day.

·   Maintenance-Free

LED battens are low-maintenance, and because of this, they are considered long-lasting lighting fixtures. Also, the Residential Batten Lighting in Pakistan that we have at Orient Lighting is glass-free. Hence, they are safe to install in homes with kids and easy to clean – because after all, lighting fixtures also need some cleaning.

·   Less Heat Production

The tube lights within a batten produce little to no amount of heat, which means that they do not heat up, fuse off and require replacement often. This reason also makes them more energy-efficient than the other kinds of lighting fixtures. Besides, their good heat sink also helps extend the lifespan at over more than 8 years – when used normally in homes.

·   Colour Temperatures

Everyone does not want lighting fixtures of the same colour all around their home. Therefore, to give them a choice, we have manufactured Residential Batten Lighting in Pakistan in two colour temperatures – Warm Light and Day Light. So, whether you want to create a cozy environment in your kitchen or a bright vibe in the lounge, we have batten lights to meet both needs. Just choose your colour temperature while ordering the batten lights and create the ambiance you desire.

·    Different Sizes

Your bedroom will not benefit from the same level of lighting as your kitchen would. Considering this, at Orient Lighting, batten lights are available in different sizes. With a wide variety of single and double batten lights to choose from, you can surely find the right size for every space in your home.

Best Residential Batten Light in Pakistan

Shop LED Battens For Your Home NOW!

Setting up a modern home that is well-lit depends on the kind of lighting fixture you choose to install. LED battens are one great choice, considering the benefits they provide in terms of usability, energy consumption, and lifespan. A wide range of LED battens suitable for your home is available at Orient Lighting. Visit www.orientlighting.com.pk and shop the ones that meet your needs – at an affordable Online Batten Light Price in Pakistan.


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