Why Buy Residential Batten Tube Lights Online In Pakistan For Your Interiors?

Imagine switching on the tube light in your interiors and it keeps on flickering? For it to light up completely, you need to have the patience of a few seconds. Even though the conventional tube lights have been around for decades now, getting accustomed to their shortcoming is not the solution. Whenever it fails to brighten up and continues flickering, the blame should not be put on wattage or its starter. BUT, do we have a solution? Yes – Buy Residential Batten Tube Lights Online in Pakistan that we have at Orient Lighting

Best Batten Tube Lights in Pakistan

The batten tube lights offer high lumen efficacy, consume less energy, are more durable, and reduce electricity bills. Need some more compelling reasons to replace those old-age incandescent tube lights with battens? Keep on reading the blog – we have them covered right below! 

1. Energy Consumption

The consumption of energy is one of the major deciding factors of what type of appliance or lighting should be used in interiors. Normally, people prefer energy efficiency while buying appliances like ACs, refrigerators, and even geysers. So, why can’t you think of replacing the conventional tube lights with the Best Batten Tube Lights in Pakistan? They consume lesser energy and will save you a lot in the long run in terms of the electricity bill. 

2. Cost Saving 

Lesser consumption of energy means lesser electricity bills. On calculating the cost of a tube light, we found out that LED battens save twice the cost even after being a bit expensive. Because they have a longer lifespan and save energy, the replacement cost is also reduced, which is quite high in the case of incandescent tube lights that fuse often. However, even though the cost of switching will be probably high, battens have the potential for saving both – energy and replacement cost. 

3. Long Lifespan 

The average life of a fluorescent tube light is never more than three or four years. However, customers who Buy Residential Batten Tube Lights Online in Pakistan for Orient Lighting claim that they for over a decade. 

Also, the traditional tube lights do not brighten up interiors well with time and even burn out because of excessive heat emission. It is quite understandable that the better the heat sink, the better the performance of a lighting fixture. While a fluorescent tube light dies much earlier depending on the heat sink and environment, batten tube lights stay lit for a lifetime. 

4. Lumen Efficacy

The efficacy of lumen is another important factor that should be considered while choosing LED battens over fluorescent tube lights. It is the measure of how many luminaries or light is produced per every watt of energy consumed. LED battens have in-built reflectors that evenly spread out the light in every direction, and their lumen per watt is higher than the traditional tube lights we have in our homes. 

5. Environment-friendly & Aesthetic

All the parts of LED battens that we have at orient Lighting are fit together in a plastic case. Unlike the fluorescent tube light, no extra wires are dangling down, and they look more contemporary. Moreover, because they are designed smartly, less space is occupied, and the brightness is significantly more than that of the conventional one. 

Besides, unlike the fluorescent tube lights, LED battens do not contain any mercury content, which harms the environment. Hence, when you Buy Residential Batten Tube Lights Online in Pakistan, disposal is not a concern.


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