Why Buy Online 3 Watt Carol LED Bulbs in Pakistan?

LED lights have been around for many decades now, and there are chances that you have seen them in every form - small, single, panels, and many more. However, now, these LED bulbs are offered in the Carol Series by Orient Lighting which provides even brightness all around. There are many reasons why you should opt to Buy Online 3 Watt Carol LED Bulbs in Pakistan rather than incandescent bulbs. Let us take you through some important ones to help you make an informed decision of switching to LED Bulbs.

Best Residential LED bulbs

Longer Life

Even though LED bulbs are a bit expensive than incandescent bulbs, using them pays off in the long term because they stay brightened for a longer period. According to our research, LED bulbs last for more than 8 years as compared to incandescent bulbs. Still not convinced? Well then, install a few in your interiors and do the math – they will cut your bulb replacement cost almost in half.

Energy Efficiency

In addition to saving replacement costs in the longer run, at an affordable LED Bulbs Price in Pakistan, you can save BIG when it comes to the electricity bills. They use lesser watts to light up a room at which a traditional incandescent bulb consumes more energy. And, usually, half of the energy it consumes is converted to heat instead of brightness. With LED bulbs, this does not happen as they convert all the energy consumes into light efficiently.


While the incandescent bulbs that we normally have in our interiors break very easily because of their design, Carol LED Bulbs that we have at Orient Lighting are durable. Moreover, being designed using Aluminum, they resist external shocks like jarring and bumping. They are solid, and there are no filaments in them as in incandescent bulbs.

Colour Temperatures

With changing interior setting trends, people usually complain about the unnatural colours of lighting fixtures. To end this concern, we have introduced Warm Light and Day Light colour temperatures in LED bulbs. Visit our website, Buy Online 3 Watt Carol LED Bulbs in Pakistan in the colour temperature you want, and create a cozy ambiance. 

Environment Friendly

Last but most important, unlike incandescent bulbs, the Best Residential LED bulbs in Pakistan by Orient Lighting do not contain mercury and have a good heat sink. Technically, this is a huge advantage as it makes the lighting fixtures environment-friendly. In addition to being free of mercury, LED bulbs do not emit UV rays, which attract insects and bugs.

Buy Online 3 Watt Carol LED Bulbs

Shop LED Bulbs NOW!

Even though switching to the Best Commercial LED Bulbs in Pakistan by Orient Lighting requires a bit of an investment, they save money in the longer run. Also, considering all the benefits we have mentioned above of switching to LED bulbs for home and commercial interiors, they are the lighting fixtures of the future. Visit www.orientlighting.com.pk and shop them NOW for your interiors to make them energy-efficient.

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