Why Buy Best Commercial Lighting Online?

In commercial settings, the consumption volume of energy is very high. The lighting fixtures are kept on almost 24/7 and are a key aspect of operational cost. However, when you Buy Best Commercial Lighting Online from Orient Lighting, the scenario will change. We have an energy-efficient alternative to the conventional bulbs and tube lights – LED lighting fixtures.

Buy Best Commercial Lighting Online

Installing LED Lights In Commercial Areas – The Benefits

LED lighting fixtures have completely changed the way to light up interiors. They are available in different shapes and sizes for commercial areas. Downlights, batten tube lights, simple bulbs – you name it and we have it. However, do you want to know the benefits they provide before actually installing them? We have all the benefits covered below in this blog - keep reading!

1.  Less Energy Consumption

By installing LED lights in commercial settings, you can save a lot of energy. Normally, conventional lighting fixtures consume a lot of energy and lead to HUGE electricity bills. In comparison, the LED lights we have at Orient Lighting are designed using Aluminum and semiconductors that emit light. Moreover, their illumination quality is also of exceptional quality.

Besides, being unidirectional and emitting light at 360 degrees, the conventional lights waste a lot of energy. With LED lights, this will not be an issue anymore because they have a direction, consume less energy, and do not waste it in producing heat.

2.   Low Maintenance Cost

LED lights are an ideal lighting solution for commercial areas because they do not fuse too often. You must have noticed how fast conventional lighting fixtures fuse – can you afford them fusing at the same speed in a commercial place? Yes, replacing them every other day will cost you a fortune. So why not get the LED Best Commercial Lighting in Pakistan from Orient Lighting and reduce the maintenance cost?

At first, the upfront cost of installing LED lights all around the commercial area might look too much. However, in the longer run, it will save you from the frequent maintenance and replacement cost that doubles up in conventional lighting fixtures. In terms of numbers, LED lights to perform twice better than the conventional ones and have a lifespan of up to 8 years. Thus, resulting in big-time savings. Hence, replace out all the bulbs in your commercial space and see the difference they will make for years.

3.     High-Quality Lighting

On measuring the Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of conventional lighting fixtures and comparing it with that of LED lights, the latter is a better solution. CRI is the measurement of how close are the colours of an object revealed by lighting fixtures – to its natural colour.

The good news is that LED lights have a CRI higher than 74, which is quite close to that of natural light sources. Hence, to experience the best colours in commercial interiors, Buy Best Commercial Lighting Online from Orient Lighting’s wide range of LED lighting fixtures.

What Are The Types Of Commercial LED Lights?

Commercial LED lights are available in different types – be it Commercial Flood Lights in Pakistan, downlights, tube lights, or bulbs. However, no matter what the type, size, or shape, they can be used interchangeably in commercial interiors. All of them have the same benefits, whether installed in a mall, shop, or parking area.

Mostly, office spaces and malls require the same kinds of LED lighting fixtures. Here at Orient Lighting, we have commercial LED lighting fixtures available for every industry. Broken into categories, we have the following types of commercial lights:

  • Downlights
  • Flood Lights
  • High Bay Lights
  • Street Lights

All of these commercial lights can be found at www.orientlighting.com.pk. Each one of them serves multiple purposes in different spaces, adding to their versatility. Though other than commercial lights, you might also find residential lighting fixtures on our website. Hence, whatever space you are planning to light up – office, restaurant, home, parking, or your street, we have you covered.

 Buy Best Commercial Lighting Online

Shop Commercial LED Lighting Online NOW!

Considering that installing LED lighting in commercial interiors is an budget-friendly and practical idea, do not waste any moment not and shop them NOW. We have the Best Commercial LED Flood Lights in Pakistan, street lights, high bay lights and a lot more for you at Orient Lighting. Invest wisely, visit www.orientlighting.com.pk and place your order for commercial LED lights. Rest assured, you will save A LOT in the longer run – be it in terms of cost, energy, or the efforts that go into replacing lighting fixtures.

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