Buy Residential Batten Tube Lights Online In Pakistan – What Makes It The Best Decision?

Is it the starter or just the flickering before the choke? Surely, we all can relate to this question. Whenever a fluorescent tube light starts flickering, we either blame the starter or think that it is time for the lighting fixture to fuse off. Even though they have been around for years now, their flickering problem never ended. As a solution to the years-old problem, we now have batten tube lights with high lumen efficacy and energy efficiency. Take, for example, the battens lights by Orient Lighting. They come without a starter, are designed practically, and do not flicker. However, before you Buy Residential Batten Tube Lights Online in Pakistan from us, let us introduce you to their benefits in detail. 

Best Batten Tube Lights in Pakistan

What Are Batten Lights?

Best Batten Tube Lights in Pakistan by Orient Lighting are the modern alternative to the old flickering tube lights. When turned on, they do not only produce brightness but also save energy by not producing heat and converting every watt of energy consumed into the light. At first, switching to them might be costly. However, in the long run, they save a lot of energy. Most importantly, as compared to the fluorescent tube lights, they are more practical and look stylish.

Benefits Of Installing Batten Lights In Residential Spaces

Using batten lights in residential spaces has many benefits – from durability to energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, and much more. In the past decades, we have all used fluorescent lights in our homes. But, after knowing that they do not last for longer and are harmful to the environment, why not Buy Residential Batten Tube Lights Online in Pakistan? Here are some of the benefits you will get by switching to the batten lights rather than bearing the flickering of fluorescent tube lights. 

1. Material

Convenience-focused batten lights by Orient Lighting have an aluminum backbone, high-quality electric components, and a plastic covering, enabling maximum functionality. We have designed those using non-hazardous materials, which means they are free of mercury, lead, and other toxic components. Therefore, making them safe for everyone in a home, where there can be an unlikely situation of a batten light breakage.

2. Life Longevity

Batten lights have a good heat sink and last much longer than the fluorescent tube lights we commonly have in homes. Every watt of energy they consume is converted into light rather than heat - which causes lighting features to fuse off. Normally, a batten light stays lit for up to 8 years without the brightness level dimming out. Now, compare this lifespan with that of fluorescent tube lights – they fuse off every second day.

3. Recyclable

Orient Lighting batten lights are recyclable as they can be disassembled and dropped off at the aluminum and plastic recycling centre. The electric components can also be recycled at an e-cycling center. Besides, alternatively, you can safely dispose them off to a place where they could be taken for recycling, rather than disassembling and dropping off parts at different centers.

4. Efficiency

On average, when you Buy Residential Batten Tube Lights Online in Pakistan and install them in your residential space, up to 80% of energy is saved because of their efficiency. For example, one of our batten lights takes 36 watts and produces A LOT of light and no heat, which is pretty good for a lighting fixture’s performance.

5. Colour Rendering Index (CRI)

One of the major differences one can see in a batten light is how close its brightness is to natural sunlight. With a higher than 75CRI, the batten lights we have designed represent a broad spectrum of colours while producing the brightest light in home interiors. Moreover, they replicate every single natural colour perfectly, improve the focus, increase productivity, and do not cause any harm to the eyes.

Buy Online Batten Tube Lights Pakistan

Buy Batten Tube Lights NOW!

Gone are the days when lighting up home interiors with fluorescent tube lights would be enough. Now, everything needs to be perfect about lighting fixtures – from their appearance to the efficiency, lifespan, and everything in between. Hence, without any second thought, Buy Online Batten Tube Lights Pakistan from Orient Lighting. We have them available in different sizes, wattage, and colour temperatures that you can choose between. Visit and shop the batten lights meeting your interior décor and lighting requirements. Their quality is top-notch, and so, you will never regret installing them. 


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