Buy Online Best Residential Down Lighting In Pakistan

Lights play an important role in home décor. And there is always a place for putting up LED downlights as they consume lesser space than traditional lighting fixtures. Also called recessed LED lights, downlights are a great option for large rooms with low ceilings. Want to add a touch of balanced ambiance to your room? Or create a cozy corner with focused lighting? Buy online Best Residential Down Lighting in Pakistan from Orient Lighting.

Residential downlights are popular in Pakistan because of being space-savvy, energy-efficient, and low-maintenance. By giving them a smart and low-profile look, we at Orient Lighting have made sure that they complement the minimal and sophisticated vibes of modern homes.

Our Range Of Best Residential Down Lighting in Pakistan

We have designed LED downlights in such a way that they appear as a part of the ceilings when lightened up. The procedure to install them is simple – just make a hole in the ceilings, and you are good to install the downlights. Orient Lighting provides a wide range of indoor and outdoor LED downlights in Pakistan, among which the favourites of buyers are:

  • Buy Online 12 Watt Bright Moon SMS Round Downlight

These downlights can be used as accenting lighting fixtures in the corners of hallways and rooms, where sharp lights are not needed. They not only highlight the dark corners but also elevate the look of the whole space without being harsh.

Buy online 12 Watt BRIGHT MOON SMD ROUND downlight

  • Buy Online 18 Watt Blue Moon SMD Round Downlight

Busy spaces like a kitchen need uniform lighting, and downlights are the best options. Install them as the main ceiling lights to light up the entire kitchen or as an extra layer of lights for aesthetics purposes.

Buy online 18 Watt BLUE MOON SMD ROUND downlight

  • Buy Online 12 Watt Blue Moon SMD Round

12 Watt Blue Moon SMD downlights can be installed in the bedroom, kitchen, or living room. It is up to you - wherever you want to highlight a corner or add an extra touch of warm and convenient brightness.

Buy online 12 Watt BLUE MOON SMD ROUND


What Makes Orient’s Downlights The Best Lighting Solution?

With years of experience in designing residential lighting fixtures, Orient Lighting provides the Best Residential Down Lighting in Pakistan, for indoors and outdoors. The downlights we manufacture are advanced, comply with international standards, and meet every interior decor requirement.

Now you know which LED downlights we have in stores for you at and what purposes they can serve in your home? Visit our website and shop for the best downlights that suit your lighting needs or any other kind of residential lighting.

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