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Incandescent tube lights have been in use since they were invented, but as every technology is not perfect and ever-lasting, it is time to replace them with Batten Tube Lights. The old incandescent bulbs produced high heat, were prone to fuse and consumed a lot of power even while producing moderate light. But now, when you Buy Online Batten Tube Lights in Pakistan, you will get modern-day lighting that is energy-efficient and lasts for a longer time. Over the previous kinds of tube light that we have used in the past, this technology by Orient Lighting provides many advantages to customers. In this blog, we have covered a few of those benefits that have revolutionised light fixtures.

Best Batten Tube Lights in Pakistan

·  Cost-Saving

One of the major reasons why you need to replace the incandescent tube lights in your home and office with batten tube lights is the cost-saving they provide. Given the fact that they use twice less energy than a traditional tube light consumes, the electricity bills reduce to half. However, the saving does not come by just replacing one tube light with a batten. Replace all the existing tube lights and see the collective saving right from the day they are first installed.

·  Lifespan

A traditional incandescent tube light requires replacement every now and then as they do not have a longer life span. However, the Best Batten Tube Lights in Pakistan can light up your home for up to 25000 hours without any downtime. Other than the lifespan, you save A LOT in terms of money, time, and most importantly, the hassle of replacing them.

·  Level Of Brightness

The level of brightness customers get after they Buy Online Batten Tube Lights in Pakistan by Orient Lighting does not deteriorate with time and remains consistent when lit up. Unfortunately, that is not the case with incandescent tube lights as their brightness reduces with time – until they fuse away.

·  Aesthetically Appealing

Last, but not least, aesthetics are important for everyone today when it comes to lighting up interiors. Hence, we have packed the LED batten tube lights in such a way that they fit easily on ceilings and walls. No additional parts and annoying wires linger around, which means no compromise on the aesthetics and brightness.

Batten Tube Lights 40 Watt Price in Pakistan

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Considering how affordable the Batten Tube Lights 40 Watt Price in Pakistan is, they are the perfectly complimenting lighting fixtures you need to light up interiors. To get the right batten tube light for your home or office, visit From 18 Watt Office Double Batten to 6 Watt T5 Single Batten – we have lots of options for you at Orient Lighting.

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