Buy Online 7 Watt IDP COB Round Warm Downlight For Modern Interiors

Lighting fixtures are often ignored when it comes to giving interiors an aesthetically appealing look. But, it is as important as the décor, furniture, and color schemes you chose for setting up modern-day interiors. Hence, if you are planning on revamping your interiors, it is time to Buy Online 7 Watt IDP COB Round Warm Downlight. This downlight by Orient Lighting will add a touch of modern lighting to your interiors while bringing out warm vibes.

You might be thinking that we are talking about those spiral-shaped fluorescent bulbs that claimed to save on energy? The good news is that with us advancing high-tech LEDs, these downlights are opposite to the traditional ones. These are affordable, energy-saving, and illuminate interiors with soft and soothing light.

Buy Online 7 Watt IDP COB Round Warm Downlight

Why Buy Online 7 Watt IDP COB Round Warm Downlight For Your Interiors?

Downlights can be used for task lighting, accent lighting, and for general lighting too in interiors. No doubt, the Best LED Downlights for Home in Pakistan that we have at Orient Lighting are energy-saving solutions designed for countless applications. If those flickering bulbs have been giving you a hard time, replacing them with our 7 Watt round downlights is a great idea. Still not convinced to use the downlights for your interiors? Let us take you through all the reasons why you really need to!

· Brightness Level

As compared to the existing fluorescent bulbs, the Best Residential Down Lighting in Pakistan by Orient Lighting last for a longer time and provide a high level of brightness. Thanks to their design, size, and heat sink that ensure the downlight’s longevity. So, apart from looking appealing to the eyes and complementing modern interiors, the downlights provide high brightness while consuming lesser energy. Thus, saving considerably on electricity bills.

· Reliable Lighting

Most of the time, bulbs and downlights fuse because of overheating after staying lit for continuous hours. However, if you want a reliable lighting solution for your interiors that does not overheat, Buy Online Residential Downlighting for Home in Pakistan. We have designed them more substantially with an advanced heat sink that transfers away excess heat. This way, they stay lightened up for a longer time, and once installed, you can forget replacing them for more than a decade.

Buy Online Residential Downlighting for Home in Pakistan

· Even Brightness

LED Downlights provide a much even and wider spread of brightness in interiors. Just a few 7 Watt downlights here and there, and voila – your interiors will shine bright. The best part? You will not have to pay a fortune on electricity bills as these are energy-efficient and environment-friendly.

Shop Downlights For Your Home NOW!

The benefits we have mentioned above are all you want in lighting fixtures for your home? Well then, we have a wide variety of them available in different colour temperatures, wattage, and sizes at Orient Lighting. Visit and shop the one that complements your interiors – whether modern, industrial, or minimal.

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