Buy Online 7 Watt Econo SMD Round Downlights

In the past few years, LED downlights have started making a positive contribution towards protecting the environment and saving energy. So if you are choosing between lighting fixtures to brighten up your interiors, Buy Online 7 Watt Econo SMD Round Downlights by Orient Lighting. These fixtures are getting very popular in Pakistan as they help achieve the right brightness level for the longest time. However, if you are still not sure about installing them, here are some benefits to convince you.

Buy Online 7 Watt Econo SMD Round Downlights

Energy Efficiency

As compared to the traditional bulbs, the Best LED Downlights for Home that we have at Orient Lighting are energy efficient, as they convert more energy into light and consume less heat. Approximately, considering their wattage and electricity consumption, they save up to 80% more energy than conventional incandescent bulbs. Thus, consuming lesser power and saving on the electricity bills in the long run.

 Long-Lasting & Low Maintenance

LED downlights are lighting fixtures with a life span of up to 8 years, which is thrice longer than that of the incandescent bulbs with a life span of just a few days or months only. Practically speaking, if you are looking for a lighting fixture that keeps lit up for six hours every day, Buy Online 7 Watt Econo SMD Round Downlights. Besides, the cost of replacing fused bulbs will also be reduced dramatically as they fuse less often and are low-maintenance. 

Flexible Usability

Energy-saving Best Residential Down Lighting in Pakistan by Orient Lighting are flexible lighting solutions that look aesthetically appealing in every space as task lighting, general lighting, and accent lighting too. With offering such flexible usability, you can install these downlights for brighter interiors with layered ceilings. Moreover, you can also satisfy your lighting needs by adjusting the beam angles and positions of the downlights in the ceilings.  

Environmental Friendly

Because the Best LED Downlights for Kitchen and home use produce and consume lesser energy, the carbon dioxide production emission is reduced. Hence, installing LED downlights in interiors will have a direct impact on keeping the environment safe, clean, and green. Moreover, being made of Aluminum, the downlights do not contain mercury content and provide UV-free lighting. Unlike incandescent bulbs, downlights are lighting fixtures that can be recycled easily – leading to no environmental pollution.

Appealing Interiors

Not fond of installing lighting fixtures in interiors that keep hanging down from the ceilings? Create aesthetically appealing interiors with ELD downlights that provide brightness and add a touch of sleek and smart appeal to the interiors. Moreover, the design of the downlights is also modern, which makes them look like a part of the ceiling rather than an attachment.

Best LED Downlights for Kitchen

Shop Downlights For Interiors NOW!

LED downlights by Orient Lighting do not only help save energy and the environment but also save you a lot on the electricity bills over time. So, with all these benefits of installing the lighting fixture, you are convinced to make the big switch from incandescent bulbs to downlights? Visit to shop different designs of downlights available in different colour temperatures. Find the one that suits your style and order them NOW!

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