Buy Online 6 Watt T5 Single Batten Round For Your Home

Batten lights have come a long way from the flickering fluorescent tube lights we all remember from our childhood. Now, it is time to brighten up modern interiors with LED battens that do not flicker at all, save on energy, and, most importantly – last for long. We at Orient Lighting have brought forward many different batten options. From single battens like 10 Watt T5 Single Batten Square to double ones like our 40 Watt Office Double Batten, we have many options. So why compromise on the brightness in your home and pay more on electricity bills? Buy Online 6 Watt T5 Single Batten Round for your home and get the best of illumination.

BUT FIRST – What Are LED Batten Lights?

LED batten lights by Orient Lighting are the modern replacement of the old fluorescent tube lights that take no longer than a week to fuse away. Though these modern battens are the same shape as the good old tube lights, the benefits go beyond just brightness. When you buy the Best LED Batten Lights for Home Use, you save the time of replacing tube lights and money on your electricity bills. And yes, not to forget the full-coverage brightness they provide in interiors, without being harsh on the eyes. Moreover, as compared to the traditional tube lights, our battens are more stylish, which means that they complement any and every type of home décor.

Best LED Batten Lights for Home Use

LED Battens vs. Fluorescent Tube Lights

Fluorescent tube lights are not only outdated but also dangerous for the environment. Most of the time, these tube lights contain toxic materials like mercury. Besides, not only does this lead to environmental pollution, but broken tube lights also release toxic chemical gases. So, can you afford all of this happening in your home? Absolutely not. Hence, switch to the Best LED Batten Lights for Commercial Use and home use for a safer environment. 

Besides the environmental factors, fluorescent tube lights are also not multi-dimensional, making them insufficient. This means that you will have to light up more of them to get the right brightness all around, leading to more expense of lighting. On the other hand, LED battens are energy efficient, emit light 180 degrees, and lasts for long. So, all in all, when you Buy Online 6 Watt T5 Single Batten Round, the price will be worth the brightness you get in return.

Best LED Batten Lights for Hospitality Use

Shop Battens For Your Interiors TODAY!

LED battens by Orient Lighting are available in different sizes and colour temperatures. Whether you are looking to buy Best LED Batten Lights for Hospitality Use, commercial use, or your home – we have battens for all your needs. Visit, explore the batten options we have in stores, and shop the right one for your interiors TODAY!

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