Buy Best LED Downlights For Kitchen in Pakistan

Kitchen or residential LED downlights are used to meet the various lighting needs while cooking and to improve the ambiance. To create the ideal dining environment for enjoying your meal times – Buy LED Downlights for Kitchen by Orient Lighting. By lighting them up, you can combine ambient light into your kitchen and create an inviting vibe by directing the light to your ceilings and walls. This fascinating effect of downlights will create a calm atmosphere in your kitchen, distribute light evenly, and reduce shadowing. In any case, whatever way you put up the downlights, they create a lighting combination that complements every type of kitchen.

At Orient Lighting, we have many types of LED Downlights for Homes in Pakistan to choose between when setting up the dream kitchen. You name it, and we have it, from 12 Watt downlights to 18 Watt and more. For a clean-looking yet functional kitchen, choose our 10 Watt Hotel COB Round Downlight. Or, if you are looking to set up a warmly lit-up kitchen, put up our 7 Watt Blue Moon Rotatable COB Downlights. BUT, before you get onto Buy LED Downlights for Kitchen, let us highlight a few things you should consider while choosing between them!

LED Downlights for Homes in Pakistan

1.      Colour Temperature

Choosing the LED downlights with the right colour temperature (warm or bright) for your kitchen makes food look better. Overdoing lighting with cool white downlights or underdoing with warm downlights in your kitchen might make the kitchen look less realistic. And that is what you cannot afford – because it will not help capture Instagram-worthy pictures. Hence, choose the LED downlight with a colour temperature that fills your kitchen with natural-looking light and complements the overall interior.

2.      Number Of Downlights

Ambient lighting in the kitchen is the layer that makes it look usable. And the key to achieving such lighting is by creating a consistent layer of downlights. Think of where you will be putting up your stove, set your dining table, and where your feet will be? Make sure all those focus points are well-lit with downlights, all while ensuring: 


  • Brightness
  • No Shadows
  • High CRI
  • Good Colour Temperature
  • Anti-glare

3.      Downlights Arrangement

Downlights can make a dramatic difference to the look and feel of the kitchen. And, when you make them a part of the lighting scheme in your kitchen, creating an ideal arrangement while saving on the electricity bills is possible. Talking of the arrangement of downlights, by lighting them right, you can make the kitchen a focal point in your home. Much more than just a place where you just cook, it can become your place to eat, socialize and spend time with family. Moreover, when cooking is involved, you enjoy yourself more in a warm and well-lit environment. And yes, do not forget the cabinets as we at Orient Lighting recommend creating a retro feel by lighting up downlight under your cabinets. By doing so, you can produce a jumping glow on your marble shelves and create a lively style.

LED Downlights Price in Pakistan

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