Best Residential Panels Lighting In Pakistan – What Are The Benefits Of Installing Them?

You must have heard a lot about LED lights, but LED panel lights – sounds different, right? Of course, it does. LED technology is becoming popular in Pakistan and is widely used because it saves energy. The panel lights we have at Orient Lighting are also winning ground for their sleek appearance and innovative features. We have designed this modern lighting fixture to replace the incandescent ceiling lights. Also, it would be the Best Residential Panels Lighting in Pakistan, considering the modern design, efficient lighting, and long lifespan.

Best Residential Panels Lighting in Pakistan

Benefits Of Installing Residential Panel Lights

With all the plus points mentioned, it can be claimed that panel lights are the way to the future. BUT, before you switch to panel lights, let’s get through the benefits of installing them to make an informed decision!

1. Flexible Design

The panel lights we have at Orient Lighting are designed using the LED technology to provide energy-efficient lighting all around. The panels are made of lightweight Aluminum frames and are one of the most important parts of the lighting fixtures. It puts off lighting leakages and dissipates heat. Other than the frame, there is a diffuser that distributes light evenly. The best part about this design? It is flexible, comes in a variety of shapes, and is designed keeping in mind the requirements of modern interiors.

2. Lighting Quality

By making use of Aluminum, which is one of the best materials for making lighting fixture frames, we have ensured high lighting quality. Generally, the LED lighting fixtures are made using Gallium and Aluminum to increase electrical conductivity. We have considered all these factors and used them all together to make the lighting output more bright, effective, and long-lasting.

3.  Environment Friendly

To design the Best Panels Lighting for Home Use, we have majorly focused on making them environmentally friendly. Unlike the flickering incandescent lighting fixtures, the LED panels do not have mercury content in them and no radiation. Most importantly, the process of manufacturing them makes minimal pollution. Every material used in designing the panel lights is recyclable and such characteristics are essential for the development of a sustainable environment.

4.  Unstable Electricity Supply

Without any doubt, conventional LED lighting fixtures are popular. However, one of their drawbacks is that a slight instability in the electricity supply affects their brightness level. This problem is sorted in panel lights by Orient Lighting because they have a practical circuit design. Hence, in areas where the supply of electricity is unstable and the voltage is not guaranteed, installing the Best Residential Panels Lighting in Pakistan is a great option. They do not overheat like the incandescent bulbs, have no thermal effect, and stay lit even at a low voltage supply.

5.  No Maintenance

The materials used in these panel lights are resistant to shock and many chemicals, which is why they can stand extreme cold and hot temperatures – along with humidity. This durability of the panel lights makes them a perfect lighting fixture for places where maintenance is hard. For example, a hard-to-reach ceiling in your garage or the staircase where replacing the lighting fixtures is no less than a dare. In such places, installing the panel lights ends all the hassle.

Best Panels Lighting for Home Use

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Now that you are familiar with the benefits of installing panel lights, why not replace out the flickering lighting fixtures around you? Visit and shop for the Best Residential Panel Lighting in Pakistan by Orient Lighting.

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