Best Residential Battens Tube Lights In Pakistan

Using batten lights has many benefits - from being energy-efficient to lasting for a long time, these lighting fixtures satisfy every requirement. Previously, fluorescent tube lights were used in residential interiors. However, after knowing that they are harmful and fuse away in days, the better option is switching to Best Residential Battens Tube Lights in Pakistan by Orient Lighting. But before you make the switch, let us highlight the advantages of batten tube lights over fluorescent tube lights. Even though both of them look similar at first glance, there are some major differences between the two types of tube lights. Let’s compare both of them!

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Batten tube lights last for more longer as compared to conventional fluorescent tube lights. If your residential interiors are still lightened up with fluorescent tube lights, count on how many times you have replaced them? We know, they fuse off a lot. So why not Buy Online Batten Tube Lights in Pakistan by Orient Lighting and reduce the hassle of replacing tube lights every now and then. They keep lightened up for more than 8 years and stay energy-efficient through it all.


Fluorescent tube lights are made out of mercury or glass, which are very hazardous for those living in homes. However, on the other hand, batten tube lights that we have at Orient Lighting are designed using aluminium and high-quality electric components that enhance the functionality of the lighting fixture provides a good heat sink, and make it safe for residential use.

Brightness Level

Brightness is another important factor to consider while choosing lighting fixtures for interiors. And when it comes to deciding on lighting up batten tube lights or fluorescent tube lights, the difference between brightness levels is real. Battens have in-built reflectors that spread light in every direction throughout interiors, which is the opposite of fluorescent tube lights. So if you are looking to brighten up interiors to the maximum level, the Best Residential Tube Lights in Pakistan are your option.

Aesthetics & Environment-Friendliness

The batten tube lights designed by us fit seamlessly in a single unit and look aesthetically appealing when installed in modern-day residential interiors. Unlike the old fluorescent tube lights whose extra wires are dangling down, these look much more contemporary, sleek, and neat. Besides that, the battens are shaped in such a way that they occupy less space and spread brighter light all around uniformly throughout their lifespan.

Electricity Bill Saving

Consuming lesser energy means cutting on electricity bills and saving on the cost of lighting up a fluorescent tube light. Even though you might think that the batten price is a bit higher, they are energy-efficient and thus last for longer. Also, do not miss out on the fact that replacing all the fluorescent tube lights in your interiors does cost a lot. However, it is a lifetime investment because they have a high potential for both – saving energy and cost.

Batten Tube Lights Price Pakistan

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With all the above-mentioned differences in mind, you are thinking of switching the fluorescent tube lights in your interiors with batten tube lights? Visit and shop the lighting fixture by Orient Lighting at the most affordable Batten Tube Lights Price Pakistan. Moreover, you can also explore through our range of residential lighting fixtures that make interiors shine brighter than ever!

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