Best LED Tube Lights In Pakistan – Why Install Them And Replace Fluorescent Lights?

LED tube lights have come to a point where their efficiency makes it hard to justify keeping the old fluorescent tube lights lit in the interiors. Even though the initial cost to buy the Best LED Tube Lights in Pakistan from Orient Lighting will be high, the energy savings pay up for it. They are easy to install, energy-efficient, and switch on instantly without any downtime. To switch, simply remove the fluorescent tube lights in your interiors and install the LED tube lights. But before that, do you want some more reasons to support your decision of replacing fluorescent tube lights? We have them covered right below – give them a read!

LED Tube Lights Prices in Pakistan

1.  Energy-Efficient Technology

On the most affordable LED Tube Lights Prices in Pakistan, you get more efficiency compared to the fluorescent alternative. This means that whatever you spend on replacing the lighting in your interiors with LED tube lights, will reduce the electricity bill you pay every month. So why not save in the long run by paying the replacement cost once? Shop LED tube lights in wattage of your choice from Orient Lighting – and you will surely save A LOT.

2.  Lighting Direction

The major reason why the Best LED Tube Lights in Pakistan are considered more efficient is that they emit light in one direction only. Unlike them, the fluorescent tube lights emit light in all directions – including towards the ceilings where there is no need. For areas that need directional lighting to make a focal point, installing LED tube lights is the ideal option.

3.  Longer Life 

On average, the life of a fluorescent tube light only lasts for a few months. So even though LED tube lights are expensive, they last two or three times the lifespan of a fluorescent tube light. Also, you get rid of the hassle of replacing tube lights every other day by switching to LED tube lights by Orient Lighting

4.  No Mercury 

One downfall of fluorescent tube lights is that they contain mercury, which is harmful to the environment and needs to be disposed off carefully. However, with LED tube lights, that does not happen because they are eco-friendly and no mercury is used in them. 

5.  Durability 

We have all picked up a fluorescent tube light and dropped it once in our life. After that, it was just picking up those pieces with a broom - without any light. Fluorescent tube lights are extremely fragile, but LED tube lights are their opposite. The Best LED Tube Lights in Pakistan that we have at Orient Lighting are durable - with a plastic covering that stands drops from low heights without breaking. 

Best LED Tube Lights in Pakistan

Shop NOW For LED Tube Lights!

It is not time that you replace the flickering fluorescent tube lights in your interiors. LED tube lights have overcome them with their affordability and efficiency. Simply put, if you want to save on energy and electricity bills, switch to LED tube lights. We have the LED Tube Light Lowest Price at Orient Lighting. Visit to shop them and brighten up interiors the better way! 


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