5 Reasons To Buy Online 12 Watt Econo LED Bulbs In Pakistan

We at Orient Lighting believe that the future of lighting solutions is all about the LED technology. However, considering that it is relatively new, many people are not aware of the advantages to Buy Online 12 Watt Econo LED Bulbs in Pakistan. Keeping this in mind, we have pulled together all the reasons why replacing the incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs in the interiors is the best option. 

1. Longer Life 

The components that we have used to design LED bulbs and the way these lighting fixtures provide illumination in interiors extend their life. While the life of the traditional bulbs is short because of high heat levels and less durability, LED bulbs light up the opposite way. 

Technically speaking, the important part of a light bulb is the filament. In traditional bulbs, the filament weakens with time – causing them to fuse out. However, considering the good heat sink of the LED bulbs, they last lit up for up to 8 years. Also, the brightness does not dim out after all those years, which is a win-win for the Best Residential LED Bulbs in Pakistan

2. Energy Efficient 

Because of the high lumen output per Watt, the LED bulbs by Orient Lighting are capable to turn almost 80% of the energy consumed into illumination. This makes the LED bulbs more efficient than the old flickering incandescent bulbs that waste energy by turning it into heat. 

If we talk about the wattage, if you Buy Online 12 Watt Econo LED Bulbs in Pakistan, they will produce the amount of light that a 60 Watt incandescent bulb does. On top of it comes the heat they produce that harms the environment and is not safe for children. So why take any risk? Make the big switch and replace out all the incandescent bulbs in your interiors with LED bulbs. 

Best Residential LED Bulbs in Pakistan

3. Low Heat Radiation 

While a fluorescent bulb operates by heating the filaments to a temperature that produces lighting, an LED bulb produces electromagnetic energy when it consumers energy. By turning the energy consumed into light instead of heat, they stay lightened up at a significantly low temperature than any other type of light bulb. 

While the actual base of the lighting fixture can feel warm when touched, LED bulbs by Orient Lighting do not emit radiation or heat. Thus, making them optimal to use in heat-sensitive areas of your interiors, such as right above a painting, to avoid colour fading. 

4. Reliable Lighting 

LED bulbs are reliable and durable lighting fixtures that we have at Orient Lighting. They operate safely in every type of interior and are easy to install because of no fragile parts. This stability level of the lighting fixtures makes them ideal to use in areas where the temperature fluctuates, and there are chances of lighting bulbs getting damaged. So whether it is your garage where the weather hits too hard or the kitchen, LED bulbs are a perfect fit for every area. 

5. Instant Illumination 

You turn on the light bulb searching for something, and it takes a few moments to light up for you to see anything. The scenario happens too often with incandescent bulbs, and you always hit yourself in the dark? Well then, it is time to replace out all those flickering bulbs that do not light up in an instant with LED bulbs. The lighting fixtures operate at their full brightness right at the moment they are switched on.

Best LED Bulbs for Commercial Use in Pakistan

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