Why Is It Worthy To Buy Online 12 Watt Classic LED Bulbs In Pakistan?

Imagine saving money and benefiting the environment with an inexpensive replacement in interiors - sounds impressive, right? Buy Online 12 Watt Classic LED Bulbs in Pakistan by Orient Lighting as they provide these long-term benefits in home and commercial interiors. Though considering that it is a BIG investment to replace out all the incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs, we have covered all the reasons that make them worth buying. 

Best Residential LED Bulbs in Pakistan

1. Save Money 

LED bulbs are not the lighting fixtures installed in your interiors? Well then, you are probably spending a fortune on the electricity bills. One of the biggest reasons to switch from incandescent bulbs to LED bulbs is the monetary advantage. Compared to the flickering old bulbs in our interiors, the LED bulbs we have at Orient Lighting are energy-efficient, long-lasting, which lowers the replacement cost. 

2. Longer Life

When it comes to durability, LED bulbs win the competition. The ordinary incandescent bulbs that we have installed roughly stay lit for 1,000 hours to 8,000 hours for the best quality ones. However, we have another winner here that keeps lit for as long as 60,000 hours without any dimness in the brightness level – LED Bulbs. We have the Best Residential LED Bulbs in Pakistan at Orient Lighting that are affordable. Shop them TODAY to brighten up your interiors for a lifetime while saving on the lighting cost. 

3. Durability

The incandescent bulbs that people usually install in interiors have a filament in the centre that heats up after consuming energy and produces light. More often, the filaments break while installing or with a minor bump too. However, because there is no filament in LED bulbs, they are more resistant to heavy impacts like vibrations, drops, or bumps. Also, keeping in view their durability, you can easily install them yourself without worrying about them breaking. 

4.  Environment Friendly

Because the LED bulbs are highly efficient, they save up to 80% of the energy consumed. And rather than converting the energy into heat, they convert it into brightness only. Their efficiency reduces the carbon footprint, and the long life helps lessen the waste of fused bulbs. To top it all off, we have designed the LED bulbs using Aluminium. Hence, be assured that they are mercury-free and contain no hazardous materials that can harm the environment in interiors. 

5.  High-Quality Lighting 

Switching from incandescent bulbs that keep on flickering all day to LED bulbs provides a noticeable lighting experience. While the incandescent ones take ages to light up when switched on, the LED bulbs enhance the ambiance with high-quality light instantly. 

6.  Improved Workspace Performance

Noticing a decrease in employee productivity at your workspace? Poor lighting can probably be the culprit because it increases pressure on the eyes and reduces efficiency. Moreover, dull and flickering lighting can also create reflections and glares, making it hard to concentrate on tasks. By installing the Best Commercial LED Bulbs in Pakistan by Orient Lighting, you can let go off all these worries and ensure maximum productivity. 

Best Commercial LED Bulbs in Pakistan

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